10cbm Multi- Functional Disinfection Truck

The operation of electricity, and the air volume of the fan and the flow of the pump can be continuously variable. Easy to operate, simple and reliable. Remote spray and disinfect can atomize water into 30um-200um water mist particles, good effect for dust suppression and virus disinfection, high efficiency. The amount of mist can be adjusted independently according to user needs. Precise spray can be easily achieved. As the mist is sprayed evenly, there won’t be any water accumulation or icing on the ground. The spray radius is from 30 meters to 120 meters, covering a wide range, which can quickly achieve the purposes of cooling, dust reduction,air purification,and virus disinfection.
*Intelligent Design, Environmental Protection And Mute
The product adopts domestic well-known chassis, national V emission engine reducing exhaust emission and noise pollution while working. It adopts integrated intelligent control technology, all hydraulic circuits use electro-hydraulic control valves, PLC centralized control. The controller collects control information, and sends orders to the control valve stack. Wireless remote control and manual control are equipped, which can adjust the horizontal rotation and pitch angle remotely, which is safe, flexible convenient, and saves human resources. The spray equipment adopts patented muting technology. Through the absorption of wind noise by the sound-absorbing wall inside the air cylinder, the spoiler effectively shunts the intake air flow, reducing the noise of the multifunctional disinfection vehicle when it is working, without disturbing the residents.
Vehicle parameters L*W*H (mm) 10340*2480*3320
Wheelbase (mm) 4700/5000
Curb weight (kg) 9200
Total weight (kg) 15800
Chassis parameters Manufacturer Dongfeng
Sprayer model DFL1160BX1V
Drive type 4×2
Engine Dongfeng CUMMINS ISD210 50,155KW
Gearbox DF6S900
Tyre 10.00R20/7
Tank parameters Tank volume m³) 10
Tank material Stainless steel
Tank warehouse 2
Water inlet size / number DN65 pipe thread interface / left and right 2 DN65
Pressure drain DN65 pipe thread interface DN65
Working speed(km/h) 10
Sprinkling / rinsing width (m) 14-18/24
Main water pipeline diameter DN50
Self-absorbent With
High-pressure sprinkler working device Front sprinkling/control Diagonal sprinkling/single cylinder control
Side spray/control Central right duckbill / single cylinder control
Rear sprinkling/control Rear sprinkler/central control on both sides
Platform high gun Adjustable spray shape
Horizontal 360 degree optional
Maximum range 35 meters
Gun spray working device Drive type Electric drive
Motor Horsepower(kW) 18.5
Sprayer model TDM-60
Static wind flat shooting distance (m) ≥80
Horizontal rotation angle 320°
Fan pitch angle -8~45°
Centrifugal water pump Maximum pressure 2.5 MPa, rated speed 2900r/min, rated flow 15 m³/h
Generator set HL50GF, output power 50-55 kW HL50GF,50-55 kW
Control way PLC centralized control PLC