10CBM ZTQ5070ZZZHFG28E Self loading garbage truck

10CBM ZTQ5070ZZZE6G33E Self loading garbage truck
Name Side loading garbage truck Model ZTQ5070ZZZHFG28E
Brand Dongyue Manufacturer Dongfeng
Vehicle parameters Length(mm) 6180 Chassis parameter Manufacturer JAC
Width(mm) 2280 Model EQ1070SJ3BDF
Height(mm) 2600 Cabin Type/Colour S2500/white
Wheelbase(mm) 3308 Type Two seat
Axle number 2 Engine Model YC4FA115-50
Front/rear overhang(mm) 1040/1832,1040/1632 Power 85Kw
Approach / departure angle(°) 19/13 Factory Yuchai
Wheel track (front / rear)(mm) 1503/1516 Gearbox Type 5TS40-88-32
Rated loading weight(Kg) 2520
Curb weight (Kg) 4710 Tyre Type/No.  7.00R16/6+1(including one spare)
Total weight(Kg) 7360 Other A/C With
Axle loading(Kg) 2640/4720 ABS With
MAx.speed(Km/h) 99 Power steering Hydraulic power steering
Upper body specification Volume(m³) ≥10 Upper body specification Work specification Loading time for one operation (s) ≤30
Manipulator hanging bucket volume(L) 120*1;240*1 Time of unloading operation (s) ≤30
Manipulator lifting weight(kg) ≤200 Control specification Operation mode Manually operate the hydraulic valve
Docking mode with compression station Box body horizontal butt Backdoor dump opening mode Hydraulic open
Push the shovel form Whole  push shovel Hydraulic cylinder Chinese famous brand
Unreturned shoveling alarm sound and light alarm Hydraulic oil pump Chinese famous brand
configuration Curved box and  Whole  push shovel Hydraulic valve Manual three hydraulic valve
Slop tank 30L120 (updated version) Hydraulic system pressure (Mpa) 16
Optional additional configuration Single head strobe lamp  LTD-206,DC24V, yellow
Rear Camera Display 7-inch display, 1 ~ 3 cameras
Electric opening back door Open the back door in the cab, no electric door closing function

Adopt first-class brand chassis, strong bearing capacity, high safety, stable quality, mature and reliable. Hydraulic control: Full hydraulic control is adopted. The hydraulic system uses high-quality hydraulic cylinders, valve bodies and pipelines, and the system is stable and reliable. The back door is sealed without dripping: The back door adopts hydraulic parallel bar locking mechanism, equipped with special material sealing rubber strips, which effectively guarantees the sealing of the box body, and is provided with a water sink to ensure that the sewage does not fall to the ground and avoid secondary pollution.
*High efficiency:
arge loading capacity: 7-side semi-dozer can load about 50 barrels, full-blade can load 70 barrels, 10 squares can load 100 barrels Fast loading and unloading: remote electronic acceleration control, convenient and fast, loading in 13 seconds and discharging in 20 seconds The semi-shovel adopts lifting discharge, the lifting angle of the box reaches 48 degrees, and the garbage is dumped completely Pusher shovel compression and unloading: There is a hydraulic pusher shovel to clean up the garbage at the feeding port in time, without frequently lifting the box, safe and convenient, at the same time compress the garbage and increase the loading capacity.
ound and light warning device to remind the position of the shovel in time to prevent garbage from pouring into the front of the shovel The left front end of the box is provided with a dirt cleaning port, which is convenient for cleaning the garbage falling in front of the shovel The box is equipped with a ladder for easy observation and maintenance.
urved box structure, strong resistance to deformation, simple appearance, coordination and beautiful appearance.

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