12cbm Garbage Compression Truck

Vehicle parameters L*W*H (mm) 8680*2480*3260
Wheelbase (mm) 4500
Curb weight (kg) 10700
Total weight(kg) 18000
Chassis parameters Manufacturer SINOTRUK
Model ZZ1181H451GE1
Drive type 4×2
Engine MC05.21-50,151KW
Gearbox HW90510C+HW45Y
Tyre 10.00R20 18PR/6+1
Upper body specification Body volume(m³) ≥12
Filler volume (m³) ≥2.2
Volume of sewage water tank(front and rear ) 300+500
Loading mechanism Flip bucket,240L * 2 standard bucket,240L*2
Rear sealed door Pneumatic
Key material The top plate of the side plate of the cabinet is a high-strength steel plate
The bottom plate and the front and rear sewage tanks are high-strength corrosion-resistant steel plates
Control parameters Electrical control method PLC programmable controller (imported OMRON) PLC
Operation method Manual, automatic, right rear operation box, cab operation box
Hydraulic cylinder Chinese famous brand
Hydraulic gear pump Hefei Changyuan (CBNL-F563/F520-BFHL)
Hydraulic valve Front two-way multi-way valve
Rear triple multi-way valve
Hydraulic system pressure (Mpa) 17
Work parameters load trash operating time 进(s) ≤16
One filling cycle time (s) ≤25
discharge trash operating time (s) ≤40
Filler lifting time (s) ≤15
The chassis is mature and reliable, with strong carrying capacity, high safety performance and stable quality. High-quality hydraulic valves, hydraulic pumps, hydraulic cylinders, controllers, key hydraulic parts imported from the original, reliable operation, low failure rate Automatic manual dual operation mode to improve vehicle attendance. The box body is made of high-strength wear-resistant steel plate, roll forming, arc structure, and strong resistance to deformation. Shot blasting of all vehicle parts, strong adhesion of paint surface, electrostatic powder coating, corrosion resistance increased by 2.5 times. Zhongtong's patented sealing technology realizes six sealing surfaces of the sealing strip to ensure that the sewage does not drip or leak.
*High efficiency:
Large volume of the cabinet: The design volume of the 12 square cabinet reaches 12.8 cubic meters, which is 0.5 cubic meters larger than that of the competition Two-way hydraulic control, high efficiency, two-way hydraulic control compression technology, high compression ratio (greater than or equal to 1: 3), large loading capacity, high collection and transportation efficiency, garbage compression reaches 700-800kg / m3, more than competing About 1 ton of garbage. It adopts mechanical electric hydraulic integrated automatic control technology, with automatic and manual modes, which is convenient for operation and use. 21 seconds in a single cycle, 15 seconds in a barrel. PLC control technology, simple operation: the use of PLC centralized control technology, electric, air, hydraulic combined centralized control, convenient and fast. The dual hydraulic oil pump is adopted, and the cycle time of compressed garbage is short, and the loading operation can be carried out simultaneously by spinning.
An explosion-proof valve is provided to avoid the fall of the tail box due to the explosion of the hydraulic pipe. Both sides of the tail box are equipped with emergency stop switches, which can stop the operation of the mechanism at any time in an emergency. Equipped with safety support device, it can ensure the safety of maintenance personnel under the filler when the filler is opened, simple operation and convenient use

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