25Ton Hook Truck

ZTQ5250ZXXZ5N43 25Ton Garbage hook arm truck
Name 25Ton Garbage hook arm truck Model ZTQ5250ZXXZ5N43
Brand Dongyue Manufacturer Zhongtong
Vehicle parameters Length(mm) 8400 Chassis parameter Manufacturer Sinotruk
Width(mm) 2550 Model ZZ1255V5846F1
Height(mm) 3140 Cabin Model/Colour H78B/White
Wheelbase(mm) 4325+1350 Type Half-height sleeper
Axle number 3 Engine Model MC07.27-60
Front/rear overhang(mm) 1320/1250 Power 202Kw
Approach / departure angle(°) 17/24 Manufacturer Sinotruk
Wheel track (front / rear)(mm) 1996/1830/1830 Gearbox Type HW10
Rated loading weight(Kg) 13030 Manufacturer Sinotruk
Curb weight (Kg) 11840 Tyre Specifications / quantity 11.00R20/10+1(spare tyre)
Total weight(Kg) 25000 Other A/C With
Axle loading(Kg) 7000/18000 ABS With
MAx.speed(Km/h) 102 Power steering Hydraulic power steering
Upbody parameters Model LBH2055(Imported) Upbody parameters Control parameters Electric control operation mode Cab pneumatic control joystick
Lifting capacity(t) 20 Opening method of rear door self-unloading Hydraulic drive (equipped with quick-change coupling)
Curb weight(kg) 2650 Hydraulic system pressure (MPa) 30
Distance from hook center to roller(mm) 5360 Loading time for one operation (s) 35~53
Adapter box length(mm) 4400~6400 Unloading operation time (s) 39~47
Hook height(mm) 1570 Optional Upbody:20-53-S Model 20-53-S
Rail width(mm) 1060-1065 Lifting capacity(t) 20
Hook arm sliding distance(mm) 1100 Curb weight(kg) 2400
Max.dumping angle(°) 53 Distance from hook center to roller(mm) 5350
Optional Warning system Single-head strobe light: LTD-205, DC24V, yellow, screw fixed, silent Adapter box length(mm) 4400~6450
Yellow engineering warning light: DC24V; L = 1200mm; complete set with alarm Hook height(mm) 1570
Reverse image 7-inch display, 1 camera Rail width(mm) 1067
GPS positioning system CZ001,DC24V Hook arm sliding distance(mm) 1000
Max. dumping angle(°) 50
*Product Feature
Well-known chassis, excellent power. The hook arm truck adopts the chassis of a well-known domestic brand, which has good matching. Stable and durable, reliable accessories. The main components of the hydraulic system are imported parts, oil pumps, control valves, balancing valves, cylinder seals, quick-change joints are all well-known international brands. Multiple boxes in one truck, automatically locked. The car can realize one car with multiple boxes, greatly reducing the cost and space of equipment. Main structural features The pull arm has the function of automatically locking the box to ensure the safety of operation and driving. Efficient operation and simple operation. The control system adopts pneumatic control plus manual multi-way valve, which is convenient for operation. The operation button is installed in the cab, the driver does not need to get out of the operation, the operation is intuitive and convenient, and reflects the humanized design concept. The manual operation structure is simple and reliable. The structural layout is scientific and reasonable. The boom structure is swing arm and telescopic arm, and the towing box and unloading are scientific and reasonable.

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