8CBM Kitchen Sewage Truck

ZTQ5140TCAE1J38 8CBM Kitchen Sewage Truck
Name 8CBM Kitchen Sewage Truck Model ZTQ5140TCAE1J38
Brand Dongyue Manufacturer Zhongtong
Vehicle parameters Length(mm) 6480 Chassis parameter Manufacturer Dongfeng
Width(mm) 2505 Model DFL1140B10
Height(mm) 2950 Cabin Type/Colour D530/White
Wheelbase(mm) 3800 Type Half row
Axle number 2 Engine Model ISD180 50
Front/rear overhang(mm) 1440/1240 Power 132Kw
Approach / departure angle(°) 20/23 Manufacturer Dongfeng Cummins
Wheel track (front / rear)(mm) 1880/1860 Gearbox Type DF6S900
Rated loading weight(Kg) 6165 Manufacturer Dongfeng
Curb weight (Kg) 8130 Tyre Specifications / quantity  9.00R20
Total weight(Kg) 14490 Other A/C With
Axle loading(Kg) 5000/9490 ABS With
MAx.speed(Km/h) 98 Power steering Hydraulic power steering
Upbody parameters Carriage volume (m³) ≥8 Work parameters Loading time for one operation (s) Loading time for one operation (s) ≤30
Sewage tank volume (L) 720 Unloading operation time (s) Unloading operation time (s) ≤60
Cabinet material Stainless steel Control parameters Operation method Operation method Electric and manual
Robot hanging bucket volume (L) 120*1/240*1 Opening method of rear door self-unloading Opening method of rear door self-unloading Hydraulic opening
Lifting quality (Kg) ≤300 Hydraulic cylinder Hydraulic cylinder Famous brand
Unloading method Push the shovel horizontally to unload Hydraulic oil pump Hydraulic oil pump Hefei Changyuan (CBN-F532-BFHL)
Dozer type Circumferential floating seal full push shovel Hydraulic valve Hydraulic valve Quadruple electric control hydraulic valve
Dozer not return Pneumatic pressure, 90L water tank, manual reel Hydraulic system pressure (Mpa) Hydraulic system pressure (Mpa) 16
Optional Warning system Yellow engineering warning light; DC24V; L = 1200mm; complete set with alarm Optional Tank 6cbm tank Stainless steel
Single-head strobe light: LTD-206, DC24V, yellow
Magnetically fixed, silent
Reverse image 7-inch display, 1 ~ 3 cameras
Cleaning system High pressure washing, 400L clean water tank, 15m reel
Automatic speed change of feeding mechanism The feeding mechanism slows down when it turns over, and fast when moving up and down
*Product Feature
The appearance is beautiful and elegant. The lateral cross-section of the waste bin is rectangular, with relatively large volume and good rigidity. The layout of each mechanism is compact and reasonable, and the vehicle is beautiful and elegant. The airtightness between the dustbin and the rear door assembly is good. A special reinforced rubber strip is used to seal the garbage box and the rear door assembly, which has good sealing performance and prevents secondary pollution. Reliability and security. Adopt electric, air, hydraulic joint control and set safety protection travel switch to ensure the accurate and reliable operation of each mechanism. The car is also equipped with a safety lock function to prevent the mechanism action caused by mis-operation during driving. Variety of manipulation methods. The car can be operated in the cab, can also be operated through the electric control box, and can be manually operated, which reflects the humanized control. At the same time, the reliability of operation is guaranteed. Pre-treatment of solid-liquid separation. The truck has a pre-treatment function for residual waste, which can separate solid and liquid, which not only increases the transportation volume, but also improves the treatment efficiency of the waste treatment plant.

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