Zhongtong’s first 5G unmanned intelligent sanitation equipment goes online

 In view of complex environments such as parks, communities, squares and small roads, large environmental sanitation vehicles cannot enter the operation. In order to meet market demand, Zhongtong New Energy has independently developed articulated pure electric road sweepers based on years of accumulation of new energy vehicle technology.


Artificial intelligence

The product is equipped with a car-level intelligent unmanned driving system based on 5G Internet of Things + technology, and an intelligent garbage recognition system based on cutting-edge AI intelligent algorithms and recognition detection technology to achieve refined cleaning operations and achieve energy savings of up to 20%.

High-end cockpit

Equipped with a 270° panoramic glass cab with wide view. Aluminum alloy trash bin, the outer plate is rolled and formed. Equipped with heating and cooling air-conditioning as standard, shock-absorbing seat imported from Germany. One-key operation to switch between work mode and transition mode.

Core electronic control, high safety level

Equipped with 7-inch CAN line color intelligent control screen, equipped with reversing monitoring system, the control system is independently developed, the system is reliable and stable; the use of high specific energy lithium-ion battery, high safety and long service life. The protection level of the three power system is above IP67, and the wading is safe.

Strong performance

It has three operating modes of economy, standard and strong suction, which can be switched according to different operating conditions, improve operating efficiency, reduce energy consumption, and can work 6-8 hours on a single charge.  

The product can strongly pick up road dust, leaves, mineral water bottles, cans and other garbage;

Powerful dust suppression technology can effectively suppress secondary dust pollution;

Sewage circulation system can improve water utilization rate and extend working time; improve dust control effect.​​

Anti-slip car mode, easy to achieve ramp parking and start.

Articulated body, flexible steering, can turn around on narrow roads.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

For roadside flower beds and garbage in trash cans, hand-held suction canisters are provided to assist in picking up.